Security Center

WSFS is serious about safeguarding your personal and financial information.

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Taking Security Seriously

Below you will find security information that we recommend all of our Customers review:
Woman looking at fraudulent activity on her banking mobile app.

Preventing Fraud

Learn how to identify fraud and what to do if you suspect you’ve been a victim of fraudulent activity.
  • How to Identify Fraud

    Know the types of fraud out there, so you can try to identify them should the need ever arise.

  • Victim of Fraud?

    Helpful information if you suspect that you’ve been a victim of fraud.

  • ATM Security

    Important information on card security and understanding skimming.


WSFS Bank will never ask you to confirm your account number, PIN, password or any other personal information via email, text or voice call. If you are concerned that you have received fraudulent email, text or call, disclosed confidential information or have questions about online security, immediately contact us: