My WSFS card was lost or stolen. How can I get a new one?

Before ordering a new card, you can freeze your lost/stolen WSFS debit or credit card via the WSFS Bank mobile app. Once you log into the mobile banking app, click “more” then “card controls” and you will be able to disable your card for use. This will help prevent any additional transactions from being conducted on your lost/stolen card.

If you do not have the mobile banking app, or prefer to call, you can also report your card lost/stolen and any fraudulent activity by calling 888.973.7226 (select option #1 for English or #2 for Spanish) then select option #1.

To order a replacement debit or credit card: Call 888.973.7226 (Monday – Friday 7am to 7pm and Saturday – Sunday 9am to 3pm) or visit the nearest banking office.

Note: Replacement debit cards can typically be issued on demand at one of our banking offices while credit cards will need to be ordered and mailed to you.